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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging+ DEIAB+

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DEIAB+ is a commonly recognized acronym that represents both meta and micro organizational shifts aimed toward embracing and embodying the mindset that each person is entitled to be treated with respect and human dignity.
Community members who embrace DEIAB+ work can galvanize a work space where shared responsibility and collective decision making are normalized. The work asks people to lean in, to embrace brave conversations, to allow one’s own vulnerability to serve the greater good, and where emotional intelligence is valued. While there is no check-box that guarantees immediate change, an environment that embraces DEIAB+ signals a commitment and investment in this work and recognizes that the journey is iterative and ongoing,

The + represents that which is still to come….

Listen to a recent podcast of me on Business Matters, Nov. 12th, 2022, talking about the importance of this work.

Working Philosophy

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I want to be a thought-partner with your team and support you in making the work environment a place where everyone wants to be without question; where Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging+ (DEIAB+) are the anchors for the working community. This is not easy work and it takes diligence, mindfulness, and a collective willingness to embrace the desire to change. But change is not enough. We must look deeply into the root causes of systemic and structural issues, unpack and challenge them, and then envision the direction you want your organization to go. It is not enough to make change, we must work to sustain changes that can and will lead to broad-scale transformation. This process of transformation is centered in the Social Justice Framework of Miller & Kirkland (2012), which situates work as Reflective, Change-oriented, and Solutions-based. ​


I offer tailored professional development, academic coaching, and technical support that leverages, strengthens, and builds capacities for individuals and groups to frame their work through anti-bias, prejudice reduction, and equity-centered practices within curriculum, pedagogy, and in local, state, and national policies.


Together, we can decide what is the best path forward for your organization’s needs and goals.

Roadmap to DEIAB+

DEIAB roadmap

Conscious Actions in Establishing DEIAB+ Mindsets

Organizational Funnel

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DEIAB+ Values & Principles

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DEIAB values and principles