Generation Bullied 2.0

sj Miller, Leslie David Burns and Tara Star Johnson

generation bullied

Generation BULLIED 2.0 details the nature of bullying as a tremendously negative force in schools today and offers practical, research-based strategies for constructing and cultivating cultures that support learning, safety, and dignity for everyone.

Analyzing the nature and inadequacy of current anti-bullying policies, Generation BULLIED 2.0 explores how stereotyping and other negative behaviors are reinforced and sustained in both large and small ways at school. Its critical narratives of commonly bullied individuals and groups are representative of events that transpire every day across the country’s education system.

​Focusing on the most common targets of bullying: race, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, physical and mental disability, and cyber-abuse, this book does not offer simplistic solutions. Instead, it offers empowerment to readers while providing tools for elevating social justice and preventing bullying from taking root as a supposedly «normal» part of life in our society.

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Awarded “Essential Book for Professionals Who Serve Teens,” by Voices of Youth Advocates Magazine, 2014 

Table of Contents

Where Are We Now? The Current State of Bullying in the United States
sj Miller

The Distressing Realities About Queer-Related (LGBTQGV) Bullying
sj Miller/James R. Gilligan

Bullies and Bodies: Addressing Weight Discrimination
Tara Star Johnson/Elana Cutter

Bullying and Students with Disabilities: The Bully, the Bullied, and the Misunderstood
Joseph John Morgan/Deanna Adams

Black Ritual Insults: Causing Harm or Passing Time?
Tyrone Rivers/Dorothy Espelage

Bullying and Harassment Prevention in the Lives of Latina and Latino Students
Rodrigo Joseph Rodríguez

Cyber-Digital Bullying
sj Miller/Stephanie Beyer

The Consequences of Bullying and Anti-Bullying Interventions for Individual and School Success
Leslie David Burns

The Broader Contexts of Bullying: Disrupting Bullying Through Preventive and Interventionist Policy
sj Miller

Shifting the Tide of Bullying Through Teacher Education: Tools for the Classroom
sj Miller


This book intervenes in the national epidemic of bullying in ways both exemplary in its analysis and hopeful in its call to action. Miller, Burns, and Johnson bring together a collection of scholars and advocates whose analyses and insights both deepen and complicate our understandings of bullying in its various and overlapping forms, of student experiences along multiple and intersected dimensions of diversity, and of what can be and is being done to make schools and communities more safe and inclusive for each and every student. Generation BULLIED 2.0 is a clarion call to action―read it today and join the movement!

  • Kevin Kumashiro, author of Bad Teacher!: How Blaming Teachers Distorts the Bigger Picture

Generation BULLIED 2.0 takes personal stories of our most vulnerable youth to illustrate what must be done from the federal level to the classroom. Bullying is not and has never been solely a school issue, and Generation BULLIED 2.0 takes on the societal and cultural roots of bullying. This book will begin a conversation about what must be done to ensure all of our students are not only safe but also feel welcome in our nation’s schools.

  • Jamie Nabozny, Safe School Advocate

​Generation BULLIED 2.0 is not only a powerful text, it is a necessary one. Despite the so-called ‘new-openness’ the society professes around notions of difference and diversity, school-aged children and youth are still battling to be accepted for who they are and who they are becoming. In far too many schools it is acceptable to bully and harass students based on their sexuality and gender identity. This has to stop and this volume says it loudly, cogently, and clearly.
  • Gloria Ladson-Billings, Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education, Interim Assistant Vice Provost & Director, Chancellors & Powers Knapp Scholars Program, University of Wisconsin–Madison