Navigating Trans*+ And Complex Gender Identities

Navigating Trans and Complex Gender Identities bookcover

We all encounter others whose gender identities differ from our own, whether it is in the classroom, in public, in the media or online. For many, there is anxiety about which words to use in conversation and sometimes people keep quiet so as to not offend someone whose gender identity may not be readily discernible, when in actuality, what they desire is to understand, learn, and interact. 
This book offers practical research-based strategies for expanding personal, social and political awareness about gender-identity privileges – helping the reader to work through fears and unpack ingrained communication patterns and language. In order to better understand the ever-evolving landscape of gender identity the authors provide historical and political background for the transgender movement and consider how issues of age, culture, race, social class, media, celebrity and religion affect transgender identities. 
The book includes a glossary of key terms, a foreword from leading transgender rights activist, Jamison Green, and an afterword by Meredith Talusan, Contributing Editor at them. Written for educators and individuals committed to learning about changes and shifts in gender identities, this book gives grounded, real-time, practical and solution-oriented ideas and language about how to be a better communicator, listener and responder to trans and non-binary gender identities.

Table of Contents

Foreword:          Jamison Green
Chapter 1:       Transgender Generations and Technologies of Recognition
                          Cris Mayo
Chapter 2:      Working through Concerns and Fears: Tips Communicating and Messaging about Gender
                     Identity for Cisgender People
                           sj Miller
Chapter 3:      Critical Consumption of Transgender and Non-Binary Representations in Popular Culture and Social                       Media
                            Rhea Ashley Hoskin, Jessie Earl, and Ashleigh Yule
Chapter 4:      Advocacy Beyond- Continuing Commitments, Personal and Social Growth
                           Jamison Green
Afterword:      Meredith Talusan

Glossary of Shifting Terms, Appendixes, References


The authors in this book take us on an extraordinarily unique journey through trans*+ and complex gender identities. Be prepared for your emotions to surface.  The text reads like a great novel.

Eric D. TemanAssistant Professor, University of Wyoming, USA
An excellent book… It gives the reader theoretical understanding, an overview of trans+ history, and how trans+ subjectivities have been represented or rather misrepresented in the Western media discourse. I would highly recommend this book for educational workers, students, and other lay people who would want to get a practical and theoretical insight into trans+ issues.

—Jón Ingvar Kjaran, Associate Professor, University of Iceland, Iceland, and Senior Researcher at the United Nations University Gender Equality Studies and Training Program, Iceland