Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peer Reviewed

Select journal articles – refereed/peer reviewed invited

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  • Miller, s. (2020). Gender identity complexities turn. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies26(2), 239-242.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development. (2018). Rethinking schooling for the 21st Century. The state of education for peace, sustainable development and global citizenship in Asia. UNESCO MGIEP.
  • Miller, S. (2005). Students as agents in classroom change: The power of cultivating positive expectations. Journal of Adolescent & Literacy48(7), 540-546.
  • Miller, S. (2004). SLAM! poetry as a genre for social activism: Empowering discourses during troubling times- how to teach, assess and construct SLAM in the secondary classroom. The Utah English Journal32, 24-36

Policy Briefs

  • National Council Teachers of English. (2018). NCTE statement on gender and language. Urbana: IL.
    • ​​​The guide for using Gender and Language Fair Use for the field of the English language arts has been revised to now include a wide range of understandings about how to appropriately honor, and write grammatically, using gender and language identifiers and lack thereof, across cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
      • What does this mean? If you are publishing/writing in the field of English Language Arts and/or teaching in the ELA/English Education, these are the expected guidelines to use—