Teaching, Affirming, and Recognizing Trans and Gender Creative Youth

bookcover Teaching Affirming Gender

This book draws upon a queer literacy framework to map out examples for teaching literacy across pre-K-12 schooling. To date, there are no comprehensive Pre-K-12 texts for literacy teacher educators and theorists to use to show successful models of how practicing classroom teachers affirm differential (a)gender bodied realities across curriculum and schooling practices.


This book aims to highlight how these enactments can be made readily conscious to teachers as a reminder that gender normativity has established violent and unstable social and educational climates for the millennial generation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, (a)gender/(a)sexual, gender creative, and questioning youth. 





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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Role of Recognition
sj Miller


Why a Queer Literacy Framework Matters: Models for Sustaining (A)Gender Self-Determination and Justice in Today’s Schooling Practices

sj Miller


Teaching Our Teachers: Trans* and Gender Education in Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

Cathy A.R. Brant


Kindergartners Studying Trans* Issues Through I Am Jazz

Ashley Lauren Sullivan


Beyond This or That: Challenging the Limits of Binary Language in Elementary Education Through Poetry, Word Art, and Creative Bookmaking

benjamin lee hicks


The Teacher as a Text: Un-centering Normative Gender Identities in the Secondary English Language Arts Classroom

Kate E. Kedley


The T* in LGBT*: Disrupting Gender Normative School Culture Through Young Adult Literature

Katherine Mason Cramer and Jill Adams


Risks and Resiliency: Trans* Students in the Rural South

Stephanie Anne Shelton and Aryah O’Tiss S. Lester


Introducing (A)gender into Foreign/Second Language Education

Paul Chamness Miller and Hidehiro Endo


Exploring Gender Through Ash in the Secondary English Classroom
Paula Greathouse


Transitional Memoirs: Reading Using a Queer Cultural Capital Model
Summer Melody Pennell


Trans* Young Adult Literature for Secondary English Classrooms: Authors Speak Out
Judith A. Hayn, Karina R. Clemmons, and Heather A. Olvey


Puncturing the Silence: Teaching The Laramie Project in the Secondary English Classroom
Toby Emert


Making Space for Unsanctioned Texts: Teachers and Students Collaborate to Trans*form Writing Assignments
Michael Wenk


Using Queer Pedagogy and Theory to Teach Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
Kathryn Cloonan


The Nonconclusion: Trans*ing Education into the Future—This Cannot Wait
sj Miller 

Book Reviews

The authors of this book have given us a precious gift. The exquisitely written chapters in this much needed, and timely book offer the best aspects of research that bridges the methodological and theoretical with the empirical and the personal. It is a remarkable and courageous achievement.

  • David Lee Carlson, Associate Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University, USA

sj Miller has carefully curated actual examples of how a Queer Literacy Framework can enable pedagogical encounters that disrupt gender normativity, empower trans* and gender creative youth, and generate transformative learning experiences for all students. After reading Miller’s edited collection, educators will no longer be able to say that this important work cannot be done.


  • Ed Brockenbrough, Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Curriculum, and Director, Urban Teaching and Leadership Program, University of Rochester, USA

The field of education is in dire need of this collection, and sj Miller is a trailblazer! The idea of a queer literacy framework that centers trans* and gender creative youth is breathtaking, needed, and confirms what queer educators know: when we talk about equitable classroom for all, trans* and gender creative youth must not only be included but centered to speak truth to power about social justice. This collection breathes life and love into the spirit of social justice work and the creativity of these amazing youth.


  • Bettina L. Love, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Theory and Practice, University of Georgia, USA


Journal of LGBT Youth by Mario I Suárez

English Journal by Ken Lindblom