"In the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion, sj is a genuine leader and an expert strategist. sj effortlessly captures people's attention, motivates them, and leaves a lasting impression. sj creates change through listening, meeting people where they are, and planning effective, individualized solutions. It’s been a true privilege having sj as my professor during my doctoral studies. Without a shadow of a doubt, Dr. sj Miller's passion can and will have a profound impact on the world."
- Maddy Coppley
Vice-President of Customer Service, Wellbeam Consumer Health; Doctoral Student at Vanderbilt University
"Dr. Miller teaches with compassion and intelligence, holding space for every student but also representing the importance of social justice. Dr. Miller’s perspective and personal vulnerability takes students on an eye-opening journey in a way that allows them to reshape their world view. Dr. Miller was and remains the most influential scholar for me personally in my academic journey and I look forward to continuing to learn from Dr. Miller in partnership and collaboration"
- Danielle M. Susskind, Ed.D
Coordinator, legislative affairs, Montgomery County Public Schools
"My experience as sj’s student redefined and reframed for me what true learning can look like in a classroom—a class designed to maximize collaboration, introspection, and dialogue. Additionally, sj’s feedback on my writing and argument development is the best I’ve ever received during my doctoral program. I became a better writer, instructional designer, and a more courageous educator because of sj’s instruction and mentorship. I am ever grateful!."
- George Hart-Hidalgo Ed.D.
Vice-Principal, EdD in Spring ‘23, Miami, FL
"sj Miller is a wonderful asset for the beautifully evolving information around DEI and Cultural Humility. sj was very professional, considerate, and inspiring when presenting to our staff and board, providing wonderful insight on how important DEI and Cultural Humility and how it affects our work in ending hunger in Northern New Mexico. We would highly recommend utilizing sj's services for your organization."
-Steven Bolin (he/him)
Volunteer Program Manager, The Food Depot
"Our clinical staff has benefited from sj’s expertise regarding pronouns on two separate occasions .  We are always looking to improve the health of those we serve and having a better understanding of the importance of pronouns has helped us tremendously in how we approach the care of our patients.  Addressing people in the manner in which they prefer helps us to see the individual for who they really are and builds trust for better healthcare.  Thank you sj!!!"
- Cindy Fielding (she/her/hers)
Ohio Health Sr. Consultant | Bereavement
"Hi! I'm sure this sounds like a suck-up, and I don't mean it to be, but. . . this has been one of the most fascinating classes I've taken. I wish SFCC had more classes that dealt with education theory, or, at the very least, had a Part II to this one. And if SFCC *does* offer such a class and I missed it in the catalog, point me in the right direction! Truly, this has been an exceptionally brutal teaching year for many reasons, and your class helped replenish some much-needed passion for the field. Thanks!"
 - Gwen Marie Lerch (She/They)
Music educator and Band & Orchestra conductor
"sj's personal story and passionate commitment to access to education on gender identity is unparalleled. Working with sj was a gift and I am honored to have supported sj's TEDMED Talk."
- Shirley Bergin (she/her)
Former Executive Director and COO, TEDMED
"I am so grateful for the educational mentorship I received from Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller’s instruction—truly a blessing voiced by many in our cohort, was unfailingly grounded in support and friendship. In my experience, Dr. Miller’s vast knowledge of social justice design, research design, learning in communities, and qualitative studies was exceeded only by a passion for carefully broadening the perspectives of students. We were challenged to embrace difficult conversations under thoughtful and gracious guidance."
- Peter Leo (he/him/his)
Leadership and Learning in Organizations Doctoral Student https://peabody.vanderbilt.edu