Young Adult Literature


  • Almost Perfect, by Brian Katcher
  • Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, by Kirstin Cronn-Mills
  • Beauty Queens, by Libba Bray
  • Being Emily, by Rachel Gold
  • Circle of Change, by Laney Cairo
  • A Circus Mirror Day, by Corin Ash
  • Double Exposure, by Bridget Birdsall
  • Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before, by Karelia Stetz-Waters
  • Freakboy, by Kristin Clark
  • George, Alex Gino
  • I am J, by Cris Beam
  • Jumpstart the World, by Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • London Reign, by A.C. Britt
  • Happy Families, by Tanita S. Davis
  • Luna, by Julie Anne Peters
  • Nina Here Nor There, by Nick Krieger
  • Parrotfish, by Ellen Wittlinger
  • Refuse, by Elliot DeLine
  • Tomboy, by Liz Prince

Gender Non-Conformity

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Saenz
  • The Art of Being Normal, by Lisa Williamson
  • Boy Meets Boy, by David Levithan
  • Brooklyn, Burning, by Steve Brenzenoff
  • Every Day, by David Levithan
  • Far from Xanadu, by Julie Anne Peters
  • Liar, by Justine Larbalestier
  • Openly Straight, Bill Konigsberg
  • Pantomime, by Micah Grey
  • Pukawiss The Outcast, by Jay Jordan Hawke
  • The Sweet In-between, by Sheri Reynolds
  • The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers, by Joe Babcock
  • This Is Not a Love Story, by Suki Fleet
  • When Everything Feels like the Movies, by Raziel Reid


  • Being Jazz: My Life As A (Transgender) Teen, by Jazz Jennings
  • Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teen Speaks out, by Susan Kuklin
  • Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out, and Coming Home, by Keith Boykin
  • Gay America: Struggle for Equality, by Linas Alsensas
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves, by Vanesa Evers
  • Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition, by Katie Rain Hill
  • Right to be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America’s Public Schools, by Stuart Biegel
  • A Queer and Pleasant Danger: A Memoir, by Katie Bornstein
  • Some Assembly Required: The Not-so Secret Life of a Transgender Teen, by Arin Andrews


  • None of the Above, by Leah Bobet
  • Alex As Well, by Alyssa Brugman
  • Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite, by Lianne Simon
  • Double Exposure, by Bridget Birdsall
  • Fool for Love, by Lisa Lees
  • Golden Boy, by Abigail Tarttelin
  • Masquerade, by Laura Lam
  • None of the Above, by I.W. Gregorio
  • Pantomime, by Laura Lam
  • Shadowplay, by Laura Lam
  • The Case of Nikki Pagan, by Rachel Eliason


  • Addie on the Inside, by James Howe
  • Annie on My Mind, by Nancy Garden
  • Geography Club, by Bret Hartinger
  • The Misfits, by James Howe
  • Totally Joe, by James Howe
  • So Hard to Say, by Alex Sanchez
  • Finding H.F., by Julia Watts 
  • Five, Six, Seven, Nate, by Tim Federle
  • Hard Love, by Ellen Whittling
  • From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun, by Jacqueline Woodson
  • The House You Pass on the Way, by Jacqueline Woodson
  • Realm of Possibility, by David Levithan
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by Johnathon Green & David Levithan 
  • GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens, by Kelly Huegel
  • What if Someone I Know Is Gay? Answers to Questions about Gay and Lesbian People, by Eric Marcus
  • Let’s Get This Straight: The Ultimate Handbook for Youth with LGBTQ Parents, by Tina Fakhrid-Deen 


  • Am I Blue?, By Marion Dane Bauer & Beck Underwood
  • Hear us Out, by Nancy Garden


young adult LGBTQ literature